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Atlas Hyper Symmetrical RCA-RCA 1m


The new Hyper Symmetrical RCA to RCA analogue audio interconnect replaces the famous Navigator cable; it employs an OFC screen with copper mylar to give a 100% RFI rejection of RFI. The signal carrying conductors are our high purity, grain free OCC laid in a concentric fashion and contained in a PEF dielectric (polyethylene foam). The outer PVC sheath is in a gloss black finish.

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In the Hyper we do not place barriers from materials of different characteristics such as solder in the signal path; therefore the RCA plugs employed are our unique Atlas solder free, RCA plugs that, with four asymmetrical leaves, self clean the sockets when inserted, so there’s never any need to wipe the contacts with cleaner, simply remove the plugs and re-insert them from time to time to keep the path free from signal deleting oxidation or contamination.

Conjugate bracket RCA plug

The Hyper RCA to RCA analogue audio interconnect uses separate going and return conductors. The screen with 100% coverage, rejects RFI interference. The two separate conductors dedicated to the going and the return signals are wired in a pseudo balanced fashion that help to reduce noise in a similar way to that of a fully balanced interconnect. For fully balanced systems, the Hyper is available with Atlas solder free XLR plugs.

The two conductor construction is designed to reject noise and interference in the same way a fully balanced interconnect does. The grain free OCC conductors with Teflon dielectrics improve signal transfer by reducing harmful deletions; with the Hyper pseudo balanced symmetrical cables, you’ll experience the joys of listening to a wider band-width signal; it will provide an even sound with no artificial or forced emphasis of higher frequencies to make the sound brighter in order to impress in the way silver plated cables usually do. It will offer a realistic, accurate sound with excellent width, height and depth.

We recommend you use these cables with their matching speaker cables in order that the signal band-width is maintained throughout the system.

Product Specifications:

Construction :Symmetrical (1/0.40 + 6×12/0.10)
Conductor Material :OCC
Screen :Yes
Dielectric :PEF
Outer Diameter :8.5 mm
Connector :Conjugate Bracket RCA Plug
available lengths
Lengths :1.0 m, 1.5 m, 2.0 m, 3.0 m
Also available in Custom Lengths.
technical data
Capacitance (pF/m) :100.99
Resistance (Ohms/m) :0.0255
Calculate stray (µH/m) :0.3335
Velocity of propagation :0.735