The X20i sets a new standard in headphone acoustics by breaking all barriers. Powered by a true two-way dual armature design, the high-horsepower KG-926T woofer is mated to a high-resolution KG-125B super tweeter. This results in a palpable sound character and makes X20i the broadest bandwidth in-ear headphone available from Klipsch.

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  • KG-2625 AcuPass® Two-Way Driver
  • KG-926T Balanced Armature Woofer
  • KG-125B Balanced Armature Super Tweeter
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Super-Slim Oval Ear Tips
  • Advanced Three-Button Remote + Mic

STYLE                                               :In-Ear
DRIVER DESIGN                           :KG-2625 AcuPass(R) Two-Way
DRIVER COMPONENTS              :KG-125B Balanced Armature Super Tweeter,
KG-926T Balanced Armature Woofer
MIC/REMOTE                                : mic+3-button remote
FREQUENCY RESPONSE            : 5Hz-40kHz
SENSITIVITY                                  : (1MW) 111dB
IMPEDANCE                                   :(1KHZ) 50 ohms
NOISE ISOLATION                       :-26dB
INPUT CONNECTIONS                :3.5 mm
WEIGHT                                           :22 grams
COLORS                                            :Black

With the introduction of X20i comes the most comfortable ear tip we have ever designed. Pre-installed on the product, we have redesigned our most popular ear tip into a super slim form factor. After extensive research, our surveys lead to the conclusion that ear canals are even narrower than we had ever expected. The super slim ear tip addresses that by using an even narrower and more tapered design, enabling people who have never found in-ear monitors to be comfortable to wear them without fatigue. However, all ears are unique, so included with the product are five additional sizes to choose from.