Logitech Harmony Ultimate One Programmable Universal Remote Control. (demo unit)


The Harmony Ultimate remote provides maximum flexibility for controlling your home entertainment system.
Choose whether you prefer to use the Ultimate remote or your smartphone to control your entertainment devices
(TV, cable or satellite box, DVR, game console, etc.) and home automation devices (IR controllable light bulbs,
vacuum cleaners, motorized blinds, etc.).
Switch between watching cable TV, watching your Roku, or playing a game with one touch. You can program your
Activities to be as simple and general as you want or as complicated and precise as you want. Whatever you like to
do, one touch can take you from one Activity to the next, powering off and on the right devices and adapting the
remote control to send the right commands to the devices you’re currently using.
MyHarmony will guide you through the setup process. Once your setup is saved in the MyHarmony cloud, you have
the ability to turn any supported smartphone into a remote that functions as a Harmony Ultimate remote.

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