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Free shipping on orders over R3000.00

Sennheiser MOMENTUM Sport Earbuds in Black


MOMENTUM Sport is the ultimate gear for every step of your training journey. Enjoy a new class of sports earbuds, which provide unrivaled Sennheiser sound with secure fit, adaptive ANC, and advanced performance tracking sensors like heart rate and body temperature measurement that let you optimize your training.

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– Unrivaled Sennheiser Sound: Energize your performance with high-quality MOMENTUM Sport Sound with more impactful bass.

– Adaptive ANC: Stay in the zone without distractions even in noisy gyms or busy outdoor spaces.

– Integrated performance tracking sensors: With heart rate and Body Temperature (BT) from
in-ear sensors.

 Sport’s ecosystem connectivity: Compatible via Bluetooth with leading sports watches, apps, and fitness equipment.

– Semi-open design for greater acoustic relief: Open channels allow airflow to improve wearing comfort by reducing body-borne noise, and improve natural awareness.

– Powered by POLAR: Full Polar integration plus free access to Polar Flow for seamless tracking performance metrics.

– Secure, multi-sports fit: Interchangeable ear fins and ear tips allow for a secure custom fit over long-wearing sessions.